Workshop 4

Women, Clothes and the New Workforce

14 July 2014, University of Exeter

The final workshop examined the role of clothing in discourses on women’s professional opportunities and challenges (e.g. First World War, shop girls, typists, mannequins, domestic labour).

Please click on the lecture titles below to listen to the lectures and view the abstracts.


Dr Lucy Noakes (University of Brighton): ‘Eve in Khaki’: Feminine and Military Identities in First World War Britain

Dr Becky Munford (Cardiff University): ‘TROUSERS: Tρονσερς: Trousers: Trousers’: Virginia Woolf, Inexpressibles, and the Work of the Woman Writer

Dr Fiona Hackney (Falmouth University): The Pretty Girl at the Machine: Dress and Workplace Identities in British Women’s Magazines, 1919-1939

Professor Rhonda Garelick (University of Nebraska-Lincoln): An Exterminating Angel: Coco Chanel, Myth and Fashion