Workshop 3

Labour Behind the Label: Working with Textiles

8 November 2013, Sutherland Building, Northumbria University

This workshop investigated how operational and professional developments relating to the British textile industry (Taylorism, Fordism, health and safety) affected workers and workers’ communities.

Please click on the lecture titles below to listen to the lectures and view the abstracts.


Dr Peter Maw (University of Leeds): British Textiles and the World Market: Merchants and Commodity Trade, 1800-1850

Dr Sally Tuckett (University of Edinburgh): The Workers are the only Losers: The Scottish Turkey Red Industry in the Late Nineteenth Century

Professor Jutta Schwarzkopf (Bielefeld University): Deriving Satisfaction from Work in a Period of Increasing International Competition: Skill as the Lynchpin of Lancashire Women Weavers’ Identity

Dr Janet Greenlees (Glasgow Caledonian University): I Shall Ne’er Get the Whirr Out o’ my Ears: Lancashire Mill Workers and their Working Environment, c. 1870-1939

Professor Joseph Melling (University of Exeter): Dressing and Redressing the Patient: Mental Health Patients and Clothing, c. 1850s-1950s